‘tis the season for yearly roundups

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About this time of year, some people like to reflect on how far they’ve come—goals they’ve accomplished, challenges they’ve faced, meaningful things like that. I do the same thing, except I reflect by inhaling year-end roundups like it’s my job. Top tracks of the year, best puppy photos, most Googled phrases, I want it all.

But one list is a special gift: the 100 AZNs of 2017, inspired by The Root 100. In this inaugural issue, Leah Nichols identifies 100 Asian Americans, out of hundreds of candidates, who have contributed in the arts, leadership and entrepreneurship.

This list is literally 💯

This year, we’ve seen the 100 AZNs and more step up to tackle the turmoil and uncertainty our communities face. From fighting against “whitewashing” in Hollywood to speaking out about sexism in Silicon Valley to ruffling feathers in Congress, we’ve watched (and reported on!) Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) change the world through activism, acting, writing, policy-making, music and more.

Increasing visibility is ongoing work, and there’s no better time than now to sit back, reflect, and be inspired by the members of our communities who have pushed us forward this year: including the folks who make The Slant possible. (That’s you.)

Chery Sutjahjo, editor, who fancies herself the 101st AZN

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