This Weekend: February 23, 2018

  • VACATION IN A SAFE SPACE. While Airbnb says it doesn’t tolerate discrimination, you can’t exactly filter for “non-racist host” like you can price or location. Unsurprisingly, sometimes Airbnb hosts turn out to beprejudiced. That’s why Muslim entrepreneurs are now creating new services that specifically cater to Muslim travelers and ensure that everyone feels welcomed in someone else’s home.
  • CALL YOUR SIBLINGS. Hannah and Marissa Brandt haven’t let a little thing like competing on opposing Olympic teams break their sisterly bond. While Hannah helped the US women’s hockey team take home the gold, Marissa, a Korean adoptee, opted to play on the combined Korean women’s team under her birth name Park Yoon-jung. The sisters have always wanted to travel to South Korea together to learn more about Marissa’s heritage, and what a way to do it.
  • AND THANK YOUR PARENTS WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. If you’ve been watching the Olympics (or just reading Chery’s commentary) you’ve probably noticed Asian Americans make up nearly half of the USA’s figure skating team. But it’s not surprising when you consider that the drive and determination needed to become a world-class athlete is also something immigrants have in spades – and pass on to their children.
  • SHOW OFF YOUR SUNDAY BEST. From an Asian American designer, while you’re at it. The fashion industry, while supposedly progressive and cutting edge, is also notoriously status and name-obsessed. But thanks to designers like Alexander Wang, Thakoon Panichgul, and Jason Wu (with an assist from Michelle Obama 🙌), many of the hottest labels now carry Asian last names (but the industry still has to open a lot more doors for black designers).
  • EAT ALL THE “EXOTIC” THINGS. South Korea’s food game is on point, but Olympic tourists traveling to watch the world’s best are apparently missing out on some of the world’s best food. Check out what they’re missing and let it inspire your weekend meal plans.

This week’s stories are curated by Jessica Yi, editor, who is going to spend the weekend fantasizing about everything she ate during her trip to Seoul last year. Got a tip, or just want to share? E-mail us at news@slant.email.

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