About Us

Founded in 2017, The Slant is a newsletter sent every Friday, featuring the week in Asian America—with a focus on marginalized Asian American experiences.

“Letter Cloud,” an installation by Erin Shie Palmer in the Wing Luke Asian Museum. Photo credit: Andrew Hsieh

Our Story

In May 2017, we created The Slant with the goal of upleveling marginalized voices in the Asian American community. The Asian American community is not a monolith, as efforts to disaggregate Asian American data prove, and our mission is provide each disparate member of the community with a space to learn, share, and activate.

Today, we strive for that goal with The Slant: a weekly e-mail newsletter with interesting Asian American news, media and culture. Every week, we share what we love: interviews with folks like Gene Luen Yang, Kristina Wong and Awkwafina, reviews of books and movies, and the odd gyoza-eating contest.

But we don’t shy away from covering current events, either, whether it’s the DACA repeal or the Harvard case on affirmative action. And our goal remains, as always, to uplevel Asian American communities whose stories have not been often told: South Asian, Southeast Asian, Filipino, Pacific Islander Americans and more.

We hope you’ll join us every Friday as we share the Asian American news, media and culture of each week, and in lifting high all members of the Asian American community.

Who We Are

Andrew Hsieh

Andrew Hsieh, editor-in-chief

… reads too many comic books and plays too many videogames. He’s a product writer based in the Bay Area, and has written for the Asian American Literary Review, AAMPLIFY, and in another life, Nintendojo. He can’t stop talking about the new Tibetan Iron Fist in Immortal Iron Fists and Kim’s Convenience.

chery sutjahjo

Chery Sutjahjo, editor

… is a pun-loving, label-shunning millennial who is happiest when eating spicy noodles, when outdoors or when eating spicy noodles outdoors. She works at an ed-tech start up and has a background in education, recruiting, and diversity programming. She sometimes orders instant noodles (mie goreng!!) and Doritos (salsa verde!!) on Amazon.

natalie bui

Natalie Bui, editor

… is a Bay Area native, amateur doodler, and eager book collector (which means she collects more books than she finishes). She is also a community advocate at AAAJ-LA, where her background lies in organizing and diversity and inclusion programming. She now resides in Los Angeles and is still figuring out how to access better Vietnamese food.

jessica yi

Jessica Yi, editor

… is in a never-ending struggle with the clutter at the bottom of her handbag. While she waits for the receipts to overtake her, she spends her time researching all her purchases on Wirecutter, trying to finish her Goodreads reading challenge and pretending not to care about what the Kardashians name their children. Jessica is based in the Bay Area and works as a news radio producer.

natasha chan

Natasha Chan, social media editor

… went rogue and swapped Sunny California for Windy Chicago. As she lies awake at night, trying to understand why deep dish pizza exists, she makes a living as a Higher Education Consultant. She is passionate about empowering universities to deliver meaningful, life-changing experiences and education for students… but really just wants to talk to you about Terrace House. IN ALL CAPS.